About Us

About Us



Manicure Lane is a salon for natural nails. We believe a salon for natural nails creates a fume free environment, which makes it safe for our clients as well as our team members.

Our main focus is cleanliness while providing a relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable experience. At manicure lane, we provide our clients with the utmost professional nail care while maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and sterilization available.

Gel manicures have been very popular amongst our beauty industry. A technique that many uses to prolong polish wear on natural nails. Here at Manicure lane, we use LED lights, which uses less energy and is more eco friendly compared to UV lamps used at most salons. It cures each hand in 30 seconds and is safer for your hands and skin in the long run.

For your peace of mind, enjoy one of our signature pedicure in our state of the art, custom made pedicure chairs. These chairs were made with our clients in minds. They are designed with a generator that destroys all pathogen bacteria and sanitizes during your services. So you can relax and enjoy your pedicure knowing that you are in safe hands.

So come with your friends, families and significant others and sit back, relax, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a complimentary beverage and let us take care of all your natural nail care needs.